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Daily Activities and Curriculum

Each day, children are provided with the opportunity for active and quiet experiences, teacher directed activities and center times when they work in any learning center of their choice. Daily schedules are posted in all classrooms. The curriculum has been created using the Early Learning Standards developed by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, emphasizes building children’s self-esteem, social skills and knowledge in all age-appropriate subjects.

Pre-Three Themes

Month Theme
January Wondering About Winter
February All About Special Me!
March Rhymes, Riddles and Make Believe Friends
April Dogs, Cats and Other Animal Friends
May All About Spring
June A Visit to the Farm
July Summertime Fun
August Our Grown Up Friends
September Colors and Shapes All Around Us
October Thankful for Fall
November Using My Five Senses
December Traveling Around My Neighborhood

Preschool Themes

Month Theme
January When There's Ice & Snow
February My Friends, My Family & Me
March Dinos, Dragons & Fantasy Play
April Exploring New Life
May Up in the Air and Under the Sea
June PA: Where We Live
July When It's Sunny & Warm
August When We Grow Up
September There's Lots to Learn
October All About Fall
November Learning to be Thankful
December Festivals of Lights

School Age Themes

Month Theme
Going Buggy All About Egypt
Discovering Dinosaurs Renaissance
Fiesta Fun Family and Friends
Rescuing the Rainforests Back to School
Sports Spectacular NASCAR
Space In the Limelight
Ice Cream Delight All About Greece

Daily Schedules

Center Time - Children have the opportunity for free play with a number of specifically selected educational shelf toys

Outdoor Play - Time for fresh air and development of large motor skills

Small Group - Time when a few children at a time work with the teacher to practice cognitive skills such as sequencing, size comparison, color and numeral recognition, etc.

Project Times - Children are given the opportunity to practice fine-motor skills such as cutting, coloring and gluing

Quiet Times - The need for a nap varies with each child. Some children find a quiet rest time sufficient, but most young children need a nap each day

Circle Time - This is time for children to share their ideas, experiences, songs and fingerplays